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Sensational Kids Therapy


Pooh House and Gardens


Service went beyond expectation

by NR London SW12   

31st October 2011      

Siproj Architects were appointed to a 
survey, put design ideas together and review if feasible, apply for planning 
permission and do building control drawings. Igho exceeded all expectations with 
service, flagged up any issues and reviewed design, liased directly with 
planning all resulting in approval of our plans although our loft extension was 
quite ambitious. we were extremely happy we appointed Siproj Architects. We 
thought Igho's fee structure was affordable for our tight budget and Igho was 
very flexible with our constraints. Have already recommended Siproj to others.



Planning Permission for 3 Bed Attached House

by NJS London SE19   

17th August 2011      



100% Excellent 

 by JGP Petersfield GU32      

31st August 2011

Great very prompt service, took all that we wanted to include in the plans and added their own input to make even better.



Friendly, Approachable & Knowledgeable Service

by J.O London         


2nd September 2011 


Igho was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole complicated planning process.

She had loads of suggestions regarding design options to get the best possible use out of the

space available. She was always on hand and very prompt to answer any questions.

Overall a very satisfactory experience.


Excellent Service

by JE Harrow           


20th August 2011

 I have used Siproj twice before the first time in 2005, and I have been totally satisfied with their work.


Above and Beyond _design options and planning submission

by A.D London KT9 

17th August 2011  

Did me a very good deal, and then  when matters became complex with the council, saw it through to the end, thank you.


Professional Service For Rear Extension and Ground Floor Alterations

by VS London N11                                           

17th August 2011

The service provided by Igho was professional. She came up with good practical designs. She also assisted us in submitting a successful application for building control - which was a very big help. However, I felt the fees were bit on high side. Overall she has been very professional, friendly and helpful in meeting our needs. 

Client Comment

Siproj Architect Response

"You speak our language."

JC @ CR0


"I wish that your client had instructed you earlier."

 M.K @ Planning Enforcement

"Thank you for being so positive and optimistic about our project"


"I appreciate your professional and ethical help"

SI @SE13

"We were really impressed with the thoughts that you had on our house and you gave us much to think about."

- S.G @SW2

"Thank you for your time and great patience!"

-M.W @SW1

"Dad if you do what she is suggesting, you'd be laughing"

-N.G @ SW16

"I have always prided myself on my ability to visualize but I would have never thought about that idea"

- O.N @ NW2

"I never expected to get planning permission I don't know what to do with it now."

- M.R @ SW17

"You have just saved me a couple of grand with your idea."

- E.O @ SE5 

"We had someone else round but he was on a different wavelength"

- K.B @ SW16 


We can't please everyone but we can promise to do our very best.

We pride ourselves in digging deep through friendly conversation about the project and preparing several design options to find out what really that works for you. We subconsciously look at how the present design impacts on future needs. One of the most baffling things that clients say to me is that "I know what I want, I just want it drawn up."  I think if you are going to spend alot of money building a project why not spend the time to discover if there are better options. A vast majority of my clients ditch their initial designs and ideas after seeing what I bring to the table.

A few of our clients have gotten themselves into difficulty with the planning officers and have come to us to simplify the communication between themselves and the planners in order to achieve a positive outcome. By the way I very rarely take on projects where clients have gotten themselves into trouble with the planing department.



We believe that there is always a solution to every design problem and we believe in challenging ourselves to produce results.


In some cases we have provided independent advice to clients in working out the way forward with their projects, help with selecting builders and understanding fee quotes.


I am always amused when people tell me that they know what they want. Every project has many dimensions and we owe it to ourselves to explore all the possibilities and come up with the best ideas. This is the crux our services architectural services.



Time and patience is an important element in good design. These are the key elements to our success with planning applications.



We take pride in looking at your project carefully and bringing out the best qualities that will not only enhance the quality of life but increase the value.




We have had 12 years experience in the residential architecture and have worked on almost every housing type in London. We bring our wealth of experience to your project.



We are relentless in getting planning permission and continue to work on your project long after you have given up. Client attitude is important to our success.



Our fees are incredibly reasonable when compared to licensed and chartered architects. Unfortunately lots of clients think that an "architect" is someone who draws buildings and puts architects, building surveyors, students, etc in the same basket. The use of the term architect is protected in this country.