RIBA Schedule of Services for Small Works

All commissions
1.1 Receive the Client's instructions
1.2 Where applicable, inform the Client of his duties under the CDM Regulations
1.3 Comply with the CDM  Regulations and where applicable, cooperate with the Planning Supervisor.
1.4 Obtain information about the Site from the Client
1.5 Visit the Site and carry out an initial appraisal
1.6 Advise the Client on the need to obtain statutory approvals
1.7 Advise on the need for and the scope of services by consultants, specialists, and suppliers
Work Stages
A: Appraisal
B: Briefing
1. Assist the Client in preparing the Client's Requirements
2. Carry out studies neccessary to determine the feasibilty of the Client's Requirements
C: Outline Proposals and
D: Detailed Proposals
1. Analyse the Client's Requirements, prepare outline proposal and develop a scheme design
2A: Prepare an approximation of construction cost, or
2B: Provide information to others for cost planning
3: Submit design proposal and approximate construction cost to the Client
4: Prepare and submit an application for full planning permission
E: Final Proposals
F: Production Information
G: Tender Documentation
1. Develop detail design from the approved scheme design
2: Coordinate and intergrate any work by consultants, specialists and suppliers
3: Prepare production information
4A: Prepare schedules of rates and? or schedules of works for tendering purposes.
Revise cost estimate, or
4B: Provide information for others to prepare schedules of rates and/ or quanitities and or schedules of works for tendering purposes.
Provide information to others for revision of cost estimate
5: Prepare and submit applications for approvals under building acts and/or regulations and other statutory requirements
6: Where applicable, prepare and give building notice under building acts and or regulations
H: Tender Action
1: Advise the Client on a list of tenderers for the building contract
2: Invite tenders
3A: Negotiate a price with an approved contractor, or
3B: In conjunction with others, negotiate a price with an approved contractor
4: Appraise and report on tenders/negotiations
J: Mobilisation
1: Advise the Client on the appointment of a contractor and on the responsibilities of the parties and of the Architect under the building contract.
2: If required, prepare the building contract and arrange for it to be signed.
K: Construction to Practical Completion
1: Administer the terms of the contract
2: Monitor the progress of the Works against the Contractor's programme, review progress with the Contractor and report to the Client
3A: Prepare and certify valuations or work carried out or completed. Prepare financial reports for the Client, or
3B Certify valuations of work prepared by others.
Present to the Client financial reports prepared by others
4: Where applicable, pass information to the Planning Supervisor for the Health and Safety File
5: Provide drawings showing the building and main lines of drainage, arrange for the provision of drawings of building services by others and give general advice on maintenance.
L: After Practical Completion
1. Administer the terms of the building contract and make final inspections
2A: Settle Final Account, or
2B: Provide information required by others for settling Final Account